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Blush workshops are A one-on-one tuition where our artists reveal tips, tricks and secret techniques.

SPECIALISATION (focus on a key area: eyes, face, lips OR lashes)

An artist demonstrates the tools, techniques and products required to recreate a classic or smokey eye design.

$69.00 (30 min)

An artist demonstrates how contouring; the art of highlighting & shading can enhance bone structure and create a well-defined base – a customised shade palette is used to enhance features.

$69.00 (30 min)

An artist demonstrates how defining techniques, colour and texture can creatively enhance the feature of the lips.

$69.00 (30 min)

An artist demonstrates the art of false lash application. This includes lash type selection/consultation, fitting, trimming and applying the lashes to enhance and add glamour.

$69.00 (30 min)

COMPREHENSIVE (eyes, face and lips)

Under the guidance of our professional artist, this one hour in-depth tuition is tailored to your individual makeup requirements. The session teaches full makeup application with step-by-step demonstrations that will allow you to recreate at home. A product concept chart is also created.

$129.00 (60 min)

* 10% discount on all purchases applies with any tuition session.