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Your Makeup Brushes new BFF!

-Your makeup brushes will LOVE you forever!-

Ever wondered why your makeup wasn’t going on smoothly or the colours seemed a bit ‘off’ compared to what they did a little while ago? Are your brushes getting pricklier on application compared to their once smooth application?


Heaven forbid you now have a huge pimple where none had dared to tread or spread for years?

A likely reason behind these beauty woes is the question we all hate (and are embarrassed) to answer –

When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes???

Weeks? Months? Never? Argh!!!!!

We all underestimate the amount of bacteria that can accumulate on our brushes. After so many uses they become caked with product, residue, oil and dead skin cells! (yuck)! that we then put back onto our faces (yuck!!!)

We suggest on average that brushes should be washed at least every fortnight (after every day of use for the makeup artists out there)

So what’s the quickest, best, most amazing way to wash your brushes i hear you say?

You can use unscented bar soap, shampoo and conditioner or dish detergent and lukewarm water (makeup artists can also add an anti-bacterial cleaning solution)

Avoid wetting the brush handle and bristle barrel as this can cause the bristles to loosen and fall out

The Sigma brush cleaning gloves and mats are a quicker way to get right down into the core of the bristles for those of us that are time poor but still want to love our brushes

Sigma express cleaning glove SpaExpress_In Use_Sigma_Homepage Slide



Sigma cleaning matSpa Mat Sink

Sigma 2 x cleaning brush

SSG2X-003 2x Sigma Spa® Brush Cleaning Glove - Pink Face

Be gentle as you don’t want to change the shape of your brushes –

Rinse thoroughly to ensure all product residue has been removed and either lie flat on a towel overnight to dry or invest in the Sigma dry n shape which guarantees to dry even the most dense brushes in 4-6 hours tops

Sigma dry n shape



Viola! Clean brushes! Your brushes will love you, your skin will love you and your brushes will last a whole lot longer with the love that you are now giving them!

Happy cleaning blush babes!



(the sigma cleaning range is available at Blush Bar now)

Express glove RRP $36

2 x Cleaning glove RRP $56

Cleaning mat RRP $46

Dry n Shape RRP $46