7 Top Tips For Perfect Lipstick Every Time


Coming out of the last two years of mask wearing, it is so great to see the (re) emergence of one of the biggest makeup bag essentials - lipstick. There really is nothing quite like slicking on your favourite colour to finish your makeup look or give you that added lift and confidence that only a lipstick wearer such as myself can attest. 

But with the good also comes the annoyances that even the most experienced lipstick wearer can struggle with. Is your lippy settling into cracks or non-existent after a few hours? Want to wear colour but unsure of the best shades for you? Well, I am here to share some of my best tips and tricks for creating the perfect lipstick look every time. 

  1. Prep your lips: Prepping your lips with an exfoliant and/or primer prior to lipstick application is going to give you the best results possible. The more hydrated your lips are the better ALL lipstick finishes will look.
  2. Thin or uneven lips? Cover your lips with a touch of concealer or foundation and powder to begin. Use a neutral lip liner to then create your desired lip shape, ensuring to only overline your cupids bow and bottom lip. Overlining the inner corners will give a fake look.
  3. Line your lips: to ensure your lipstick stays put and doesn’t ‘bleed’, always ensure you are lining your lips. If you are not confident lining with a strong colour, line with a neutral pencil first. The waxier the pencil the more it will work as a barrier to stop the lipstick moving throughout the day.
  4. If you like a coloured, glossy finish that lasts all day, apply a matte liquid lip first, then gloss overtop. This will last 10 x longer than gloss alone.
  5. Lipstick + Blush: a tip to quicken your morning makeup routine is to use your lipstick also as a blush. Apply a small amount of lipstick to your middle finger and gently pat and blend into the apples of your cheeks for a quick, effortless look.
  6. To bring your old lipsticks back to life and ensure they aren’t carrying any nasties, simply dip into a small amount of rubbing alcohol such as Isocol. They will then be as good as new.
  7. Want to rock a red lip but unsure of which red to choose? If you are wanting a red that will make your teeth look whiter (lets face it, who doesn’t?) opt for a lipstick that has more of a blue base that appears cooler in colour. The blue undertone will counteract the natural yellow tones in our teeth, making our teeth look whiter. In contrast, lipsticks that have more of a warmer, yellow undertone will accentuate the yellow of your teeth. 

Full article found in GT Magazine @gtmag 8/22

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