Blush workshops are a one-on-one tuition where our artists reveal tips, tricks and secret techniques.

COMPREHENSIVE (eyes, face and lips)

Under the guidance of our professional artists, this one hour in-depth tuition is tailored to your individual makeup requirements. The session teaches full makeup application with step-by-step demonstrations that will allow you to recreate at home. A product concept chart is also created.

$139 (60 min)


* Comprehensive tuition fully redeemable for products (available Tuesday-Friday)



Introducing our BIY 'Blush It Yourself' group workshop series. Join the makeup powerhouses that are Blush Bar's senior artists for an evening of makeup and bubbles! 
Learn how to prep it, contour it, blush it, smoke it and lip it like a pro in this 2 hour look and learn workshop.
Product recommendations and a goodie bag sponsored by Eleven, Napoleon and Lash Republic.

$129 with $100 redeemable on the evening. Includes a welcome drink.

Next scheduled 2024 workshops:


Tuesday 20th February 6-8pm

Tuesday 18th June 6-8pm

Tuesday 29th October 6-8pm


Tuesday 16th April 6-8pm

Tuesday 20th August 6-8pm


BIY 'Blush It Yourself' TEEN WORKSHOP

Learn how to create a natural, age-appropriate hair and makeup look in this hands-on interactive workshop. Perfect for teens who are just getting started on their makeup journey.



Wednesday 10th April 2024 1-3pm

Wednesday 10th July 2024 1-3pm

Wednesday 2nd October 2024 1-3pm



From the comfort of your own home, follow Blush Bar Founder, Emma McFarlane through each chapter of creating your daily makeup routine with ease. 

Learn how to prep it, contour it, blush it, smoke it and lip it like a pro in this visual course that gives you unlimited access.

This course is perfect for you, if you want to:

  - transform your daily look quickly and cost effectively

  - learn how to create a fresh, flawless base effortlessly

  - get your mornings back with a simple makeup routine that lasts

  - oomph your makeup to go easily from day to evening

  - enhance your best features.

Your investment, of $99, gives you instant lifetime access to videos, audios and diagrams, where you can learn from anywhere (and it's mobile and tablet friendly). And, you can start in less than 5 minutes. 


Our course includes an introduction and welcome, followed by 12 different modules, including:

  - Module 1 - Skin preparation

  - Module 2 - Foundation

  - Module 3 - Powder

  - Module 4 - Shading

  - Module 5 - Highlighting

  - Module 6 - Blush

  - Module 7 - Brows

  - Module 8 - Eyes

  - Module 9 - Eyeliner

  - Module 10 - Mascara

  - Module 11 - Lips

  - Module 12 - Brush Care


"Blush Bar is recognised as the 'go-to' place for all your beauty needs. We now want to make it even easier to get your daily glam on with confidence.

Join me as I take you step by step, at your own pace, through the fundamentals of creating your daily makeup routine with ease! This easy to follow course, is going to change your life and give you back your mornings! xx

Blush Bar Director
- Emma McFarlane