What is a Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

Do you crave silky, smooth and more manageable hair? Have you ever wished that your hair was more manageable? Softer and smoother, with more shine and less damage? Do you want to shorten your blow dry time by up to 50%? Transform your frizzy, difficult, kinky, curly hair into soft, manageable, beautiful locks with a Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a transformational, long lasting and safe salon treatment that brings hair to its ideal condition without using harsh chemicals. The treatment will soften and tame your hair, making it easier for you to control and style, cutting your blow dry time in half. 

The 'classic' smoothing treatment will last between three to five months, the 'instant' service, three to five weeks. It is not however a 'straightening' treatment, but a restorative treatment that works to de-frizz your hair. 

Our hair is made up of keratin protein molecules, connected by various bonds. These bonds can take a beating from different procedures and chemical treatments. The smoothing treatment will apply a keratin solution to your hair to restore and reinforce the health of your hair for as long as it remains effective.

How does Keratin hair straightening work?

Keratin hair straightening involves the application of solution to saturate your hair, followed by a process that includes rinsing and blow drying. The time spent applying the treatment can depend on the length of your hair, the condition of your hair, and what type of treatment you’re having.

Our keratin specialists will assess your hair type for suitability at your initial consultation.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% formaldehyde free
  • Creates smoother, softer, frizz free, more manageable hair
  • Restores the hairs natural shine
  • Uses Sericin; a new keratin technology
  • Reduces blow dry time by 50%
  • Hair can be shampooed immediately after treatment
  • Hair can be coloured immediately after treatment
  • Hair will still have natural movement and volume
  • Beneficial for all hair types; curly, kinky, frizzy, wavy or damaged
  • Lasts 3-5 months
  • Service time 1.5-2.5 hours

Cezanne Keratin Smoothing is very different to other keratin treatments on the market as it has a 3-way approach to its success:

  • The glycolic acid will eliminate coarseness in your hair and completely soften your curl
  • The sericin will repair any damage
  • The keratin will re-strengthen your hair shaft

Due to the nature of the glycolic acid in the treatment it buffers away any coarseness and rough cuticle and softens the hair internally and externally, making blow drying so much easier. You will spend 50% less time blow drying or scrunch drying (diffusing) your curls after a keratin smoothing treatment as the treatment has done all of the smoothing work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my treatment last?

Around 3 to 5 months. Longevity is assured if you use the correct home care range.

Will my hair by permanently straight?

No, your hair will be softer and more relaxed. You will still have curl with reduced frizz and flyaways. The treatment buffers away any coarseness in the hair and eliminates frizz, providing your curl with a much needed taming.

Will I still be able to get movement, texture and bounce in my hair?

Yes, you will still have natural volume and be able to blow dry volume and curl into your hair.

Is it a pleasant salon experience?

Yes. There is no smoke or unpleasant odour and the treatment should be complete in under two hours.

Does it have any harmful chemicals in it?

No. There are no harmful chemicals in the process. It is 100% formaldehyde free.

Can I have the treatment done if I'm pregnant?

Whilst there are no harmful chemicals, you should consult with your doctor first if you have any concerns. 

Will the treatment change my colour?

As with all smoothing treatments, there may be a slight shift in colour. The beauty of this treatment is that if you need to, you can have your colour done immediately afterwards and we do offer a 'blonde friendly' solution to ensure any brassiness is kept at bay.

Do I have to wait to shampoo my hair?

No. You can shampoo or colour your hair immediately after your treatment.

Do i need to use a particular shampoo and conditioner?

To ensure the longevity of your service, we suggest using the correct home care range recommended by our Keratin specialist technicians.

Can I put my hair into a pony tail straight away?

Yes. There are no restrictions. You can put your hair into a pony tail or pin it up straight away. 

How long will I be in the salon?

The treatment will take between 90 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on hair length and thickness. It is a simple application. 

Can I keep on having these treatments?

Yes. The treatments have a cumulative effect, so your hair just gets better and better. 



KERATIN CLASSIC - The original long lasting (3 to 5 months) Keratin Smoothing Treatment

KERATIN INSTANT - This quick in salon treatment features a fast application and processing time. Only 30 minutes for transformational results lasting up to 5 weeks. Add a Keratin Instant treatment to your blowout. 

* * Please note additional charges apply for product usage over 100ml for extra long/thick hair.