Enhance Your Beauty with Our Makeup Services

At Blush Bar, we believe that makeup is an art form, and every face is a unique canvas. Our skilled makeup artists are here to bring out your natural beauty, boost your confidence, and create stunning looks for any occasion. Explore our range of makeup services, from natural, everyday looks to glamorous evening makeup. Book an appointment with us today and experience the magic of professional makeup artistry. 

Professional Makeup Menu

BLUSH-ME-UP (Signature Service)

Bring out your natural beauty with a professional, personalised full makeup application covering all your makeup needs. This service involves foundation choice that perfects skin type, contouring, eyebrow sculpting, eye design (including shadows, liner and mascara), finishing with lip enhancement. 

$105 (40 min)

BLUSH-ME-UP (Better With Age)

Reveal your hidden beauty with a makeup service tailored specifically for more mature skin. This application is designed to reduce the appearance of any fine lines and create an age appropriate, elegant look for any occasion.

$105 (40 min)

SMOKE-ME-UP (Eye Design Makeover)

Designed for the eye makeup connoisseur this service focuses specifically on creating the perfect eye design – from classically neutral to glamorously smokey, the choice is yours. Includes eye base, eye design, eye liner and mascara.

$49 (20 min)

(False Lash Application)

Enhance the glamour of the eye with your professionally hand-selected Lash Republic false eyelashes tailored specifically to your eye shape.Includes eye liner, fitting, trimming and positioning of the lashes to naturally enhance or add extra appeal.

$45 (15 min)

THE WHOLE SHE-BANG (It’s the Whole Shebang!)

Needing our signature makeup service to be taken to the next level? Fancy dress? Masquerade Ball? Avant-garde? When you are requiring that something a little out of the ordinary The Whole Shebang is for you! Be bold and make a statement. Including false eyelashes. 

$139 (60 min)



Needing to be blushed up and/or blown out in a rush? Don’t have the time to pop into the studio? Contact us to check availability for our freelance blush babes to come to you!

Minimum call out fee is $100 (extra travel fee may be applicable)