Does Makeup Expire?

Yes. Makeup DOES expire. Arghhh!

I know how heartbreaking it may be to throw away your favourite foundation or lipstick but knowing when to toss or keep is actually really important to the health of your skin and eyes. Why? Because makeup traps bacteria, which means replacing products on their use by date is necessary to avoid skin irritation, breakouts and eye infections to name just a few of the nasties. 

Foundations especially, contain ingredients that start to separate after their use by date. The oils will rise to the top which will result in clogged pores if continued to be used. Redness, irritation, and infection are all side effects of expired eye products. These are the biggest culprits due to the delicate skin around our eyes which is prone to infection. 


So how do you know when to toss if you're unsure of purchase date?

Foundation separation, changes in texture along with unpleasant smells are dead giveaways the product has gone bad so pay attention ladies! Generally liquid and cream products will have a shorter life span than powders and pencils. 


Mascara - 3 months

Liquid Eyeliner - 3 to 4 months

Concealer - 6 months to 1 year

Foundation  - 6 months to 1 year

Brow & Eye pencil - 1 year

Lipstick - 1 year

Nail Polish - 1-2 years

Powder Blush - 2 years

Can I extend the life of my products?

A few handy hints are:

  • don't store any of your products in direct sunlight
  • keep your fingers away from your foundation bottle
  • ensure you always use clean brushes to avoid cross-contamination
  • keep your brushes standing up in a brush case, rather than rolling around with products in your makeup bag
  • ensure pencils are sharpened before use
  • twist, rather than pump your mascara wand (to avoid excess air)
  • wipe lipsticks/cream blushes with rubbing alcohol (once per month)
  • avoid storing makeup in your bathroom as the humidity is a germ breeding ground!

Know when to throw!

  • foundation has separated and/or becomes gluggy
  • mascara is dry and crumbly when trying to apply
  • powder blush has a hard 'film' on top 

So, I guess the moral of this grossed-out story is when in doubt, throw it out!

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