Fast Makeup Hacks for Mums

9 fast beauty hacks for busy (and tired) mummas

What comes along with the joys of motherhood is having zero time and being perpetually tired... can I hear an amen! Prior to having my daughter (when I thought I was actually busy), I thought being sleep deprived would only last for the first few months of her life! (I know, I know, I had no friggin' idea) and here I am four years later still trying to quicken my already speedy mumma morning makeup routine trying to look fabulous, whilst making breakfast, packing lunchboxes, and getting my coffee before we race out the door, trying not to forget anything! Sound familiar?

One broken night of sleep that turned into two and now three, got me thinking about how faking it (with makeup) should not be a secret that only us makeup artists know about. This should be something they teach in parenting classes! Now don't get me wrong, if you've got a gorgeous, even complexion and love rocking your no makeup mum look then 'Go You!'. This is just for the rest of us that like to look like we've got our shit together, but don't :)

So the key to fast mumma morning makeup really comes down to 3 things:

  • prepping products (and your morning skincare routine)
  • a few multipurpose hero products (that can be used on multiple areas)
  • 10 minutes or less of your time

So since you're reading this and already pressed for time, let's dive right in!


Now no amount of skincare is going to make up for a week of sick kids in your bed at night, but I promise prepping is absolutely necessary (after cleansing) to ensure your mumma makeup looks its best. You may be inclined to think it's a step you can skip, but I'm telling you. It's NOT. It is a must. 

Glowy, radiant skin is in and these prepping products will give it to you and give it to you quickly. 


1. Napoleon Perdis Skin Refining Serum

Enter radiant, soft and supple skin. A few drops of this paraben free hydrating miracle potion will give you a nourishing glow and a great base for what is to come. 

Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum | Napoleon Perdis – Napoleon Perdis  Cosmetics


2. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

Follow with a small amount of this cult favourite that doubles as your primer and you are already well on your way to a youthful, rested appearance (however fake it may be).




I absolutely love products that I can use on multiple areas of the face. Think bronzers that can double up as eyeshadows, cream blushes that can be used as a lip tint, and lipsticks that can be used as blushes... you get the idea. But if you haven't been blessed with an even skin tone we need to cover all bases before moving ahead. 



3. Blush Makeup Cosmetics BB Cream

This hard working little guy is part skin care, part makeup. The SPF makes it a superior skin protector, giving a sheer, radiant coverage. For those wanting a little stronger cover due to an extra crappy night before, the Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius will do the trick. Ensure a quick powder with Blush Makeup Cosmetics Mineral Powder to set it in place for no movement and transfer. Anything that offers radiance and luminosity is what we are looking for here ladies!


4. Napoleon Perdis Patrol Range

New additions to the Napoleon Perdis Blush and Bronze Patrol are Glow Patrol, Peach Patrol and Highlight Patrol. These luminous baked powders deliver a gorgeous, sunkissed radiance that can also double as an eyeshadow. Bonus! A light dusting of this will give you the holiday glow I only dream about now. 


5. Napoleon Perdis Cheek Switch Creme Blush Stick

Another of my newest favourites is the creme blush stick in shade 'Save the Coral'. A tiny pop of colour on the cheeks gives me an instant lift and brings me back to life. If I'm totally under the pump, I'll use this on my eyelids, cheeks and lip! Go on, try it, it will change your life!


6. Napoleon Perdis Wand-er Brow

I must admit, getting my brow on really makes me feel like me. It frames my face, fills in all the years of over-plucking and adds to an overall more youthful appearance. Application with the wand is super quick and easy and gives a smooth and natural finish. Another step easy to skip, but you will regret it if you are not all over your brow shaping appointments - and seriously, who is?


7. Napoleon Perdis Phat Volume Mascara

I do tend to get a Lash Lift + Tint and this is one of my absolute beauty hacks, but when I'm between appointments (which in reality is often, even as a salon owner), mascara, mascara, mascara. Mascara is the ultimate pick you up to help open and freshen your peepers even if you can hardly keep them open! Avoid waterproof if you can, as it tends to be a little harsher, especially when removing. And if you haven't yet got yourself the Purely Lashes Growth Serum do yourself a favour and get it! Results are amazing in as little as 4-6 weeks. 


8. Blush Makeup Cosmetics White/Cream Eye Pencil

 My absolute must-have favourite hack to brighten tired eyes, the white pencil camouflages the pinkness in our waterlines that tend to be stronger the shorter amount of quality sleep we get. It is an instant game changer and will have everyone wondering whether the kids are having an extended stay at nanny and pops. (We wish).


9. Napoleon Perdis Lip Service Treatment

This is my go to lip gloss that doubles as a treatment and triples as a protective lip balm. It's what I wear, when I am wearing lipstick, and what I wear when I'm not. It conditions, protects and repairs the delicate lip area and comes in clear or clear PH that morphes to your own PH levels to create your ultimate shade. 

So there you have it, my top tips on faking it. If only the other one zillion things we need to do today can be as simple! 

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