Lash Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are eyelash extensions and how are they different to strip lashes?

A. Eyelash extensions are a semi permanent synthetic lash,  attached to individual natural lashes with a bonding adhesive. Whereas a strip lash is a strip of single use lashes glued to your lash line with removable lash glue.
Q. What are the different types of eyelash extensions you can get?
A. There are 4 different types of extensions we offer - Classic, Hybrid, Natural Volume and Glam Volume
Classic - One Extension to one natural lash. A natural mascara look
Hybrid - This is a mix with classic and volume. A little more fullness than classic.
Natural Volume - 3-5 extensions in a fan attached to one natural lash. Fullness but still looking natural.
Glam Volume - 5-8 extensions in a fan attached to one natural lash. More defined fullness.
Q. Are your volume fans handmade?
A. Yes all our volume fans are hand made by our very talented technicians. There are no pre-mades here. Each fan is perfectly crafted at the time of your appointment and attached straight away so the retention is strong.  
Q. How long does the process take?
A. The time will vary between a fullset verses an infill.
Fullsets range from 90mins to 150mins
Infills range from 45mins to 105mins
Q. How long do they last?
A. With the correct application and care, your lash extensions can last up to 5-6 weeks (within your lash cycle). But they will need an infill every 2-4 weeks to keep them maintained and full.
Q. How long is my lash cycle?
A. In a typical cycle, your eyelashes grow, shed and replace themselves every 6-10 weeks (this can vary between clients). However, during Spring and Autumn you’ll notice a dramatic increase in loss due to temperature changes.
Q. How often do I need to get them infilled?
A. It is recommended to have your lashes infilled every 2-4 weeks. This will vary between clients due to care, maintenance and other factors eg. medications, health etc. This is so the extensions that have grown out can be removed and new ones can be applied to the new natural lashes.
Q. Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?
A. Absolutely not - if they are applied correctly!
At Blush Bar we take care and pride, with trained qualified eyelash technicians. To ensure the long term health we recommend you take the advice of your lash stylist who will advise the best length and thickness for your natural lashes. Every clients natural lashes are different so what your friend has may be not what your lashes can handle. 
Another factor that could damage your natural lashes is picking and pulling at them. If they are applied correctly you shouldn’t be able to feel them, therefore not needing to touch them. The bonding adhesive is strong enough for you to pull your natural lash out with the extension still attached. 
Q. How to look after my eyelash extensions?
A. You should brush your lashes everyday to make sure your natural lashes don't get trained to grow in different directions. You should also cleanse your eyelash extensions daily if you wear makeup and every other day if you don’t. We sell a specifically formulated lash cleanser in salon. This will keep the adhesive bond strong, as oil is what deteriorates the glue resulting in premature fall out. Try to avoid using products that contain oil to extend the retention of your lash extensions.
Q. Does your glue contain Latex?
A. No. Our glue is free from latex, formaldehyde and is also paraben free.
Q. Can I wet my eyelash extensions?
A. Its recommended to keep them dry for at least 12-24hrs after having them done, that includes avoiding sweaty work outs and saunas. After that time frame you are free to get them wet in the shower, swimming and saunas. 

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