Mascara Hacks

Mascara continues to rate as one of the top five beauty items that many of us couldn’t live without. This really cements the importance we place on such a cosmetic product that can literally be found in every makeup bag across the globe. For the majority of us that were not blessed with naturally luscious lashes I’m going to share with you my top 10 mascara hacks to make the most of your application and create the ultimate flirty flutter without the dreaded clumping and smudging.

1. Layering is key

A number of thinner coats will always give you a better finish than one heavy handed application. Allow a little bit of time in between coats.

2. Learn the zigzag technique

Basically you start your application at the base of your lashline and ‘wiggle’ or zigzag the mascara wand up the length of the lash as you move towards the tip to create ultimate volume. And yes you absolutely can open your mouth for this step!

Pro Tip: If your lashes are blonde, coating your lashes from the top also in a roll down application will change everything.

3. Avoid waterproof formulations if possible

The ingredients in waterproof mascara can be much stronger and harsher than regular formulations. They are more difficult to remove and therefore can more easily damage your natural lashes. For the sake of your lash health, use sparingly on occasion.

4. Micellar water is your ultimate eraser

We have all had the dreaded transfer from wet mascara on our eyelids but no need to despair, simply let the mascara dry, dip a cotton tip in micellar water to erase where needed.

5. Wipe your wand

As a makeup artist I use a lash comb on my clients to separate lashes but for at home use, get rid of any excess mascara by wiping the wand on a tissue. This will help to avoid clumpiness. Another tip is to ensure you apply to both top lashes first before applying to the bottom lashes as they generally don’t require as much product and attention.

6. Avoid ‘pumping’ your mascara

If you want your mascara to go the distance (shelf life is approx 3 months) avoid pumping the mascara wand as this adds air to the formulation and dries it out much quicker. Try to instead ‘twist’ the wand out.

7. Getting more bang for your buck

If you find your mascara drying out, bring it back to life with a couple of drops of saline solution into the tube and swirl it around with the brush. It will instantly rejuvenate the formulation.

8. Select the right brush for you

Navigating the multitude of formulations can sometimes be overwhelming, but really the wand is the most important part in creating the lashes you want. If you desire a fuller and fluffy lash look opt for a mascara wand that is quite dense with bristles. If you are wanting a more defined lash finish, look for a wand with bristles that are more separated. The rubber wands are great for this.

9. A match made in heaven

Just as dark chocolate is to red wine, an eyelash curler is to mascara. Your application will always look better with the use of a lash curler prior to mascara application.

10. Know your eye shape for an expert finish

Knowing which way to angle your wand to achieve the most flattering finish for your eye shape is so important. If you have hooded or deep set eyes, try to apply your mascara straight up, concentrating most of the formulation just above the iris. However if you have round or almond shaped eyes or if you want to create a more ‘cat like’ finish, zig zag your application on an angle focusing on the outer corner lashes. Subtle changes can make all the difference.

Full article published in @gtmagazine 26/3/22

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