The Definitive Guide To Spring Makeup Trends

As we dive headfirst into warmer spring weather, the makeup world is buzzing with fresh trends that offer a modern twist on some classics that we know and love. From clean and natural looks to bold colour choices, this season is all about self-expression and embracing your unique style. Here's your comprehensive guide to the hottest spring makeup trends for 2023!

The Simplified Fresh Face

The fresh face makeup trend continues its reign, but spring brings a more natural approach. Say goodbye to heavily contoured looks and overly dewy skin. Instead, opt for a lighter touch, using minimal products and makeup infused with skincare benefits. Try BB or CC cream foundations for a hint of coverage.

Soft, Fluffy Brows

In line with the simplified fresh face trend, brows are shifting away from the laminated look. Welcome the era of natural, fluffy brows with light gel application to maintain their shape. Try Napoleon Perdis’s new clear eyebrow gel $42 for perfectly groomed brows.

Super Blush

Blush is back and bolder than ever for spring. Add a rosy or coral pop to your complexion with a lip and cheek tint. This multitasking product provides a sheer, dewy flush of colour, perfect for building up that ultra-flushed look.

Vampy Lips

A rich, vampy lip is an eternal statement. This spring, expect slightly darker shades than what we have seen previously. These hues add a touch of sophistication to any look. 

Voluminous Lashes

Big, voluminous lashes never go out of style. They enhance your eyes and flatter every makeup look. Try Napoleon Perdis All-Out Volumising Mascara

Barely There Eyeshadow

For a soft, barely-there eyeshadow look, less is more. Opt for shimmery shades like taupe, beige, mocha, or grey to achieve a subtle glow on your lids. 


Spring 2023 is all about embracing your natural beauty while adding playful and creative touches to your makeup routine. Whether you opt for a simplified fresh face or experiment with bolder colours, these trends offer a wide range of possibilities to express your unique style.

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