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Confession time, I never thought I would do it, but I've recently jumped on the hair-extension bandwagon – and I'm absolutely loving it.

Previously, I've only been able to create the length and thickness I love with my trusty halo clip in extensions that would only be pulled out for (very) special occasions. Every other minute my fine hair would be tucked up in my 'mum bun' not looking at all glamourous. As it turns out, achieving long, voluminous locks on the daily, isn't as daunting as it seems; it all comes down to quality extensions and an install method that seamlessly blends into your natural hair.  

Here are a few key lessons I've learnt along the way;

1. There are different types of extensions - Although I knew there were a few different options, personally i discovered that the beaded application of the miracle wefts were the most discreet and safest for my hair. No tapes or harsh glues in sight! If you're unsure, starting with a halo clip in extension piece can be a fantastic temporary option, before committing to permanent extensions. 

2. They can look natural - After my initial install, my biggest surprise was that people actually thought my hair was all real! I was anxious about them looking 'fake' but because we created a hair plan that was to add volume and thickness, as opposed to just length, the ultra-thin and fully customisable wefts gave me the naturalness I was looking for. I can even still wear my hair up when I want which is a huge plus for me. 

3. They shouldn't be uncomfortable - I will admit I was a little worried about how the extensions would feel, especially when they were first installed. I had heard stories of needing nurofen the first few nights and I really wasn't keen to find out. But my fears were subsided. It does feel strange at first to suddenly have a lot more hair swishing around, but I didn't feel any pain or discomfort even when sleeping. 

4. They do require care and maintenance - yes, you do need specific sulphate free hair products and move up appointments on the regular to ensure they continue to look seamless, but I am enjoying some sneaky salon time where I can relax with a glass of vino and walk out with my hair looking like the Victoria's Secret models. 

I am so impressed with my extensions that I am now a fully blown extensions convert! The confidence I'm feeling with my new mane is as powerful as a good red lipstick for me. The only downside, is that I didn't do this years ago. I highly encourage you to pop in salon for a complimentary consultation to see if extensions will work for you. Click here to book. 

I had 100 grams installed in two rows.

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