Top 10 Tips for Mask Wearing & Makeup

Just in case you missed this weeks GT magazine where our director Emma shares her beauty advice, here is an overview. 


Let’s face it, the ‘new normal’ in Covid-19 times of compulsory mask wearing is a restriction that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. This, and what seems like constant lockdowns have changed the way we wear makeup. Many of us may have even enjoyed the ‘break’ from our makeup bags, however it is still possible to wear makeup whilst wearing a mask. These top tips will ensure your makeup is still looking flawless, even in the midst of a global pandemic. 

1.Skin Prep

Mask wearing can irritate the skin, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Ensure you are cleansing your face both morning and night and finishing with a good moisturiser designed for your skins specific needs.



2. Not to Prime is a Crime!

Primer is a step in makeup application that should not be skipped. Not only does it work as a barrier between your skin and foundation, it helps to boost hydration levels to ensure your makeup lasts the distance. It is a vital step to help prevent transfer of foundation to your mask. 


3. Choose a Lightweight Base

Since much of your face is covered by the mask, now is the time if you haven’t already to experiment with BB or CC creams that fuse foundation with skin care. They do provide a more lightweight finish, so for those that need a little more coverage, opt for adding a concealer to specific areas and finish with a mineral powder to set. 



4. The Brows Have It

Brows have always framed the face and now is no exception. Ensure your brows are looking on point by brushing them up and out. Fill in any areas of sparseness with your chosen brow colour. There are many waterproof options on the market to create budge proof brow wow. 



5. Cheeky Cheeks

Many of our masks allow the tops of our cheeks to peek out, so they shouldn’t be neglected. A cream blush in a peach or rose tone will give your face some needed colour and will look great when the mask actually comes off for coffee or lunch. 



6. Hello, Bold Eyes

Since the eyes are now the hero and lips have taken a complete back seat, pops of colour can really add that hint of playfulness and definition to your makeup. Add a touch of shimmer or sparkle to the inner corners of the eyes to really make them pop. 



7. Love thy Lashes

Curling lashes and finishing with mascara is the ultimate way to open up your eyes. If your eyes tend to water throughout the day opt for a waterproof version. Apply the majority of mascara to the top lashes, but don’t forget the bottoms if you are really wanting to create a statement. 




8. Keep the lips Neutral

Since our lips are rarely seen these days behind the masks, there is no point chancing the potential smear by wearing a bold lipstick. Opt instead for some nourishing lip treatments with or without a tint to give your lips some TLC. If you can’t stay away from some colour, go for a liquid lipstick or a matte long lasting formula that is less likely going to transfer or stain your mask. 



9. Set and Forget It

Never have makeup setting sprays been in such high demand. A setting spray will help keep your makeup in place and help reduce transfer to your face mask. It will instantly refresh your complexion throughout the day and help with mattifying the T zone.



10. Take It Off

The final and most important tip is to ensure makeup is removed at the end of each day. Neglecting to remove your makeup can lead to breakouts and other skin conditions and will prematurely age your skin over time. A gentle cream cleanser or micellar water will do the trick. 


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