This powerful skin care trend has recently taken TikTok by storm. But what is skin flooding and is it good for my skin? 

In its basic form, skin flooding is simply layering moisturising products in a particular order to ‘flood’ the skin with moisture. It involves applying hydrating mists, serums and creams to damp skin. Begin with the thinnest product (mists) and end with the thickest (creams) to enhance absorption. The trend promises to boost hydration and deliver a glowy, dewy complexion on the daily. 


Step 1. Wash skin with a gentle cleanser.

Step 2. Spritz damp skin with a hydrating mist but don’t wait for it to dry. This step can also be done in between layers if desired. 

Step 3. Apply a moisturising serum that contains hyaluronic acid that works to bind water to the skin. You can press this into your skin in multiple layers if desired. 

Step 4. Once you have ‘flooded’ the skin with moisture, lock it in by applying an emollient cream.

Your morning skin flooding ritual can be finished with an SPF under your makeup application and your evening ritual would involve ending with a thicker night cream or sleeping mask. 

As the cooler months are only a blink away, all skin ages and types can benefit from the practice of intense hydration, but is particularly suited to dry and mature skin. Those that have acne-prone skin can still perform skin flooding, but just be aware that some heavier moisturisers may block pores and create breakouts. Whatever your skin type, give skin flooding a go and see for yourself the hydration benefits from this simple routine. 

We recommend The Skin Care Company products for your skin flooding routines available online or in store. 

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