Winter Ready Makeup

Time to get winter ready? 

We've got a complete rundown of how to tweak your makeup routine over the cooler months. 

With colder temperatures now enveloping us, along with swapping out our skirts and singlets for cozy jumpers and skivvies, we can't forget the product changes we need to make in our makeup bags as well. 

As the weather gets colder, the air gets drier so it's imperative that our products hydrate the skin. Start with a rich, creamy moisturiser and then opt for a radiant, hydrating makeup primer as it will help give your foundation a subtle, yet needed glow from within. 

A hydrating foundation is also a must for winter. Make friends with a BB cream as not only do they hydrate the skin, they also have goodies included such as SPF and vitamin C. If you're not wanting to do a full foundation overhaul, mix your current foundation with a small amount of creamy moisturiser - this will sheer out the coverage slightly, but works to rehydrate your base. 

As your tan fades as summer is now a distant memory, embrace the pale! It's a common mistake to continue using a colour that is now too dark for you. Ditch the bronzer (there's no point trying to recreate a fake summer glow) and go for a rosy blush to create a flattering winter look. 

Try to avoid products with powder finishes, opt for a cream blush and shadow instead. Cooler, earthy tones are great for winter eyes, or keep them neutral with just a liquid liner and rock a gorgeous red, plum or berry lipstick. Just ensure you prep your lips or choose a hydrating formula to avoid a dry, chapped lip look. 

Waterproof mascara is not just for dipping in the ocean with. It is a must for overcoming any tears from wind chill. Brows are best put in place with a brow soap, a more natural alternative to creams and gels that creates a gorgeous on-trend fluffy brow finish. 

So there you have it, some top tips to keep your winter look in check - just keep hydration in mind, as it will be your best friend over the next few months. 

Keep cozy!



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