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Well, Winter has well and truly arrived! As the days get colder and we begin switching over to our winter wardrobes, we should also be looking at switching up our skin care routine. As the seasons change so does our skin and the
cooler weather can be damaging. Colder temperatures, wind, hot showers and heating can all pull moisture from the skin causing skin dehydration. Dehydrated skin can look dull, feel tight and at times flakey and irritated. It can also
cause dark circles under the eyes to appear more prominent. So we are going to share our top tips for combating winter skin concerns.

On a cellular level a lack of moisture in the skin cells can add to a loss of elasticity and impairment of our skins’ protective barrier, leading to a loss of firmness. Therefore it’s important to include a product that specifically combats dehydration. Skin serums are a booster product that you would generally apply underneath your moisturiser. Serums that you should add to your winter skin regime include;

B5 HYALURONIC - applied daily this serum can help boost moisture levels, plump the skin and assist with skin repair.
VITAMIN B3 - is perfect for an oily skin type that needs moisture & repair. The niacinamide can help to normalise oil production while strengthening the outer layer of the skin. It has also been shown to help the skin from losing water
content, therefore improving hydration.

A few other valuable winter skin care tips that we wanted to share;
1. Be careful not to over cleanse. Using a gentle cleanser specific to your skin type is key. Using a poor quality
cleanser can strip the skin and damage the protective barrier.
2. Avoid abrasive exfoliants and scrubs as the skin will be a little more sensitive this season.-
3. Avoid very warm/ hot water on the face. Although hot showers are so good when it's cold, avoid hot water
directly on your face.It can add to sensitivity and capillary damage
4. You can up the power of your night time moisturiser by adding in a serum for an extra boost or switching to a
richer moisturiser if you are on the drier skin side
5. Oily skin types can also benefit from boosting moisture as they can still be severely dehydrated. As long as
you have an oily skin specific moisturiser you can still add in a serum to boost hydration
6. Protecting your skin from the elements with a product containing SPF is still highly recommended through
the winter months as we are still susceptible to UV exposure.
7. Masking regularily will also add that next level of nourishment and protection. Our favourite is The SkinCare Company Dual Peptide Sheet mask that contains hyaluronic acid to help the skin retain moisture, niacinamide (B3) to improve a weakened skin surface, and pantothenol (B5) to attract and hold moisture so
is a perfect Winter skin treat.

Booking an appointment to have a skin consultation and a tailored skin care regime created with a qualified skin therapist can take the guess work out of trying to decide what is best for your skin. Implementing these tips and focusing on skin moisture levels will have you looking hydrated, plump and glowing all Winter long!

Coauthored by Blush Bar's skin therapist Bilyana Miletic

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