Hello darlings…

Happy month of June to all. It would seem (much to our dismay) winter has well and truly arrived…and with a vengeance I might add.

It's this time of the year the Blush Bar girls tend to envision themselves in Capri or conjure up fantasies of sipping a cocktail at sunset on the French Riviera. Its when we give the old google search engine a run for its money whilst we research holiday destinations in more tropical climates.

Despite the grey skies and sometimes freezing temperatures, it's not all doom and gloom, there are many things we do enjoy about winter. We love winter fashion – the coats, jackets, boots, scarves, gloves, warm wool knit jumpers and a beautiful cuppa on a misty, grey morning. We love the sound of rain pelting down on a tin roof and we love the overall look and aesthetic winter can bring about. Some of us truly do believe winter is a lot more fashionable and stylish a season than the warmer months and one thing we can all agree on is we all love the make up looks that come with this time of year.

Some people tend to go darker with their locks perhaps because they can't bear the thought of leaving the house when it's too cold outside. I think its fair to say, most people tend to go a little darker with their hair in winter – having said that, we spent 3 fabulous days at the Melbourne Hair Expo recently and it would seem pastel colours and bright locks are still the rage and probably will be for some time. The immense quality, talent and innovation seen by Australian hair stylists and hairdressers was simply breathtaking and we took away so much inspiration from it. It really is a must see and if you haven’t attended an expo and you are in the industry, we highly recommend you do.

Onto makeup looks for winter: It seems our make up also takes a more sophisticated turn and deeper palette in the winter months. We love the drama a darker lippy or a smouldering eye can create – think berry, browns, plums and deep reds. Eyes can be kept simple with a slick of mascara to open up the eye or we can opt for a more dramatic look and introduce berry, deep browns and plums – even a deep coloured shimmer can really make the eyes pop.

2019 has seen a huge trend with metallics – by metallic we mean metallic rust, rose, bronze, browns and yellow/orange tones.
We are loving this trend and although some people may be intimated to try it, its always a good idea to attempt a little at a time. Go for a bold lippy first or keep lips neutral and play up the eyes and introduce a smouldering, metallic, glam eye or even keep the eye very simple and have a metallic sweep of eyeliner across the top lid.

The possibilities really are endless. We would love to see you at Blush Bar where one of our talented and knowledgeable make-up artists would be happy to consult and sit with you to colour match, provide professional advice whilst having some fun and experimenting with all our fabulous products.


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