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Hey there, sun-kissed seekers! We've got your back (and front) when it comes to spray tanning. As Geelong and the Surfcoast's leading spray tan salon we have seen it all! So let's dive into some of the most burning questions about this golden glow-getting method.

1. What's the Deal with Spray Tanning? How Does It Work?

Picture this: you walk into the salon, a little paler than a ghost. But after some spray-tan magic, you walk out with a sun-kissed vibe. How's that even possible? Well, it's all about DHA, the secret ingredient in the tanning sauce. It cosies up to your skin and creates a temporary tan - no UV rays required. 

2. How Long Does a Tan Take?

Ever wondered how long it takes to transform into a bronzed goddess? 15-minutes! That's right, from undressing to getting sprayed, drying off, and dressing again, it's a quick tan-tastic salon experience. 

3. How Do I Prepare for a Tan?

First things first, you want your canvas (aka your skin) to be prepped to perfection. Get ready by exfoliating, shaving or waxing at least 24 hours prior, and steer clear of moisturisers, oils, or makeup on tanning day. Think of it like preparing for a hot date, but with your tanner!

4. What's the Post-Tan Care?

Simply jump in the shower with warm water after your technician's recommended development time.

Make sure not to miss rinsing any solution as it can produce a patchy finish. 

Gently pat yourself dry.

If you're skin is feeling particularly parched, use an alcohol-free moisturiser.

Keep that tan alive and thriving with daily moisturiing or tan extender. Your skin and your tan will thank you for it! Just avoid any oil based moisturisers as it can disturb the tans longevity. 

5. When Should I Get My Glow On?

Timing is everything, so we suggest tanning 1-2 days before your big event. For weddings, make it 2 days before the "I do" and If you're heading off on holiday, the night before is recommended. But hey, it's your show, we'll do our very best to work with your schedule.

6. When Can I Shower After My Tan?

You can shower as soon as 1.5 hours after your tan or leave it on for up to 8 hours, depending on your chosen solution. Our expert technicians will guide you to your perfect shade and aftercare recommendations. 

7. Help! I Lost My Tan in the Shower!

Don't panic! What washed off in the shower is just the bronzer, not your golden glow. Your tan is on a 12-hour adventure, and the final result is still in the making.

8. I'm pregnant (or breastfeeding). Can I Still Get a Tan?

Check with your doctor. Safety first, always!

9. How Long Does It Take to Dry?

You're ready to rock that post-tan look in about 3 minutes. Quick-dry magic!

10. How Long Will My Tan Last?

Results can vary however with the right tan preparation your tan's gonna stick around for a fabulous 7-10 days. Extend the magic even further with our Tan Extender - it's like a tan's BFF, making it last up to 2 weeks.

11. Whoops! My Knees, Hands, and Feet Are Extra Tanned!

Sometimes parts of us can absorb a lot of tan. If this occurs firstly don't panic! Gently exfoliate the overzealous areas and then moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. 

12. Can I Spray My Face?

Absolutely! If you want that glowing face to match the rest of your fab bod, go for it!

13. What Should I Wear to My Tan Appointment?

We suggest loose, dark clothing to and from your tanning session. We don't want your cute white outfit to join the tanning party.

14. Does the Tan Smell?

No! Our products are fragrance-free and packed with fruity, plant-y goodness, including Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and Kakadu Plum. It's like a tropical spa day for your skin.

15. Will the Pool or Sea Ruin My Tan?

Alert: chlorine and seawater can speed up tan fading. So, if you don't want your tan to ghost you, keep your swims short and sweet and wear water-resistant sunscreen to protect your gorgeous glow.

16. Do I Have to Strip Down?

Wear your bathers, undies, or the disposable g-string we've got for you - you do you. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. 

17. Can I Get My Brows Tinted on Tanning Day?

We recommend not doubling up on the same day. Tan solution can shake up the colour of your brow tint, so we recommend a minimum of 24 hours between services. 

18. Will a Spray Tan Save Me from the Sun's Rays?

Sorry, a spray tan won't shield you from UV rays. Sunscreen is still your BFF when facing the sun.

19. Is Spray Tanning for Every Skin Type?

Spray tanning is generally a great fit for all skin types. But if you've got any skin concerns, or you're unsure, check in with a dermatologist for a pro opinion.

So there you have it. Happy tanning!


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